These machines rapidly remove water from fabrics of silk, cotton, chemical fibre, etc. The degree of de-water attain above 75%. Simple construction, stable operation, small space occupation, small machine height and no damage to fabric. Suitable for bleaching, dyeing and washing industries as well as in hospitals, hotels, military units, factories, etc. The rotary drum is of stainless steel without contaminating the fabric. Then the wet fabric can be slung dry within 5 minutes.

Model Inner Drum Size Dry Weight Capacity Spin Speed Motor KW Dimension (mm)
MH-24 24×8.5 65 1270 2.2 1330x1000x780
MH-30 30×12 100 1015 4 1460x1150x700
MH-36 36×15 160 1008 5.5 1860x1400x868
MH-42 42×16 245 800 7.5 2180x1580x888